It’s been quiet on the Man Mail 'behind the scenes' this year and I thought it was time to check in.

The second half of this year in particular has been the toughest 6 months of my life. It has been full of grief, shock, loss, heartache and sickness and while it is not over yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel and I have never been more excited to see a new year roll over.

This year has taken me to a whole new level. I could write a book about it.

I don’t think I’m alone on this though. Many people I know have had a very rocky year.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I am a one-woman show (with the occasional back up help) and have never pretended to be a huge faceless enterprise. My business is personal, because it’s just me.

There is change on the cards at Man Mail as I tap into what I love doing most. 

I have enough experience now to know what works in my business and in the industry and what doesn’t. And oh man have I learnt the hard and expensive way! 

If you choose to follow along with me, I think it’s only fair that I keep you in the loop.


Here is what I’ve learnt this year:

/ I can’t be everything to everyone

/ It’s ok to say “no” 

/ Family and loved ones come first and I could not have possibly gotten through this year without mine.

/ Health and wellbeing is a priority

/ I have tapped so far into my masculinity that I lost my femininity and I need to get the balance back

/ Just because I started Man Mail off in a certain way, doesn't mean I can't change the way I do things

/ No one can prepare you for whats involved setting up an e-commerce business 

/ I don’t want to work 16 hour work days ever again

/ I took a few months break from social media and I didn’t die. Actually, I preferred it. I especially haven’t missed Facebook (and am yet to reappear there) 


Here’s what I’m looking forward to next year:

/ Mixing things up - of what, why and how I do things 

/ Transparency

/ A new chapter

/ Putting smiles on lots of peoples faces 

/ Making life easy and stress-free - for myself and my customers

/ Honesty

/ Sharing more

/ Collaborating

/ Not working 24/7

/ Creating a work life for myself that I LOVE. I want to be one of those crazy people you see (and secretly envy) who say things like “I can’t believe I get paid to do this – it doesn’t even feel like work”.


So there you have it - a very honest check in.

If you decide to come with me through the next chapter of Man Mail, I welcome you with very open arms (you can keep in the loop here). I hope to continue inspiring and helping you.

All I can do, is work, live and share from my heart and intuition and that's what 2017 is going to be all about. 

Kate x 

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