My bestie and branding

A lot goes into the branding of a new business - tonnes of time, research, brainstorming, planning and that's before anything is even created. Brand identity is so important in business. It represents what the entire business is about. It does the communicating before you even have a chance to talk about what you do. It's your calling card, so it has to be good. 

Thankfully the entire Man Mail branding process was a breeze with thanks to my best mate who also doubles as my graphic designer. The amazing Sam of Studio Ess is my everything when it comes to graphics and friendship. I'm so grateful to have her in my life!    

Sam had her work cut out for her with Man Mail. Beyond the initial logo (which she NAILED!), there are also notecards, business cards, stickers, embossed leather key rings and most importantly, the branded Man Mail boxes that all our handsome goods are packaged in.   

What's the best thing about working with your bestie? It never feels like work. If anything, it gives us an extra excuse to chat everyday! When you've been friends with someone for years, you just 'get' each other and that makes life so much easier. Sam knows me and still puts up with my perfectionism, slight OCD tendencies and gut-instict decision making.   

This is the gorgeous woman herself! Sam without a doubt, brightens my life. No conversations go by without laughter and when we are not chatting about branding, graphic design, gifting and interiors, we love to drink espresso martinis and watch our favourite movie of all time, Pretty Woman :) I love her, and my branding…so much.  


Kate AbdouComment