Father's Day / According to Mike Campbell

[ Here is a little something my good friend and supplier of Unleash Your Alpha, Mike Campbell wrote that I wanted to share with you in the journal. It's typical Mike - real and authentic…..KA ]



This often means a phone call, maybe hanging out with your dad if you're fortunate enough to, and a card and/or gift.
Maybe you are the father, and your get the gifts etc.

Let me ask - what are they like?

Sometimes it's hard to buy for guys, right?

I think that's in part why many dads end up getting socks and undies. I mean, it;s a cliché for a reason, right?

In my opinion part of this is due to the fact that it becomes a bit of a last minute thing. We forget and then it's a bit of a mad rush to get gifts sorted for dad. Luckily services like Red Balloon have come to rescue with a bunch of online purchaseable gifts.

But still then many of what's available are, well, crap; BBQ tools, wine hampers, random vouchers or experiences WAY out of the budget.

No shit - I saw an Antarctic Adventure on there for... $100,000! Ha.

Anyway, one of the issues, in my opinion, comes down to the fact that we leave gift giving to the times when we're 'supposed to'.
Then we have no ideas, no inspiration for that person specifically.

Let me let you in on a little philosophy around how I like to do gifts - not all the time, but as a rule of thumb and concepts...

If you see or come across something that seems right for a person - GET IT!

It needn't be their birthday, Xmas or perhaps Father's day, like in this instance, just get it because it would be something they like and it is an opportunity for you to show them appreciation and care.

That's not to say everyone close to me gets random gifts all the time, and they never get them on those more special days, it just means there's more authenticity to it.

This of course means being open to seeing and getting things whenever the moment of inspiration grabs you.

However, that doesn't get us past the fact that Father's Day is approaching rapidly and you might simply be in need of getting something cool for that man in your life - father, partner, son, whatever.

It can be tricky for guys, finding something for those discerning men who seem hard to buy for...

Well, that is no longer the case. You see, Kate, my good friend from Designer Man Cave has an awesome (and still relatively new) business called Man Mail - Gifts For Men.

In short, this is a service of delivering quality gifts for men who are hard to buy for; premium, stylish gift boxes.

Now, I am a little biased, as my book features in a few of these boxes, but there are loads to chose from, and all are super sleek and fit for the awesome men in your life - this Father's Day or any day (see above).

Act now, it's not far away!

And then, think about who in your life is important to you and start looking to get them cool little gifts that they'd love and that shows them you care.


P.S. There is no affiliate kick back or any financial gain for me in recommending this, I just really like the products and Kate, she's awesome :)

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