3 things to consider when buying for a man

Choosing a gift can be difficult, especially when it's for a man. Us women are very vocal about things we like and hinting (subtly and sometimes not subtly) at items we would love to own. Men? Not so much. Which is why these top 3 tips will hopefully be of assistance next time you have to make a selection...

1. Take note of his interests 

Pay attention to the little things and general conversations because they can give you many gems of wisdom. It could be a passing comment of "I wish I cooked more" or "I can't remember the last time I actually read a book". Just because someone doesn't have a particular hobby or interest, it doesn't mean there isn't room for one in their life. 

2. It's not about you

I'll admit I've done this on more than one occasion - bought a gift for someone because I really liked it. It happens. We have a natural selection process to filter when searching our options and when we are, it's normal to select things that appeal to us personally. The next time you are deciding on a gift, take a moment to ask yourself, will the person I'm buying this for like this, or am I buying it because I like it? 

3. Is there something they need in their life that they don't realise they need? 

Observation is the key here. Many men I know and have had as clients are 'necessity men'. They get by with the basics and don't think anything more of it. Perhaps though, you've found a product that they don't know exists or they wouldn't consider replacing - unless someone gave it to them. An example of this could be an item to put their keys and 'stuff' in when they get home, instead of it being a massive disorganised mess on the kitchen bench or dining table? Or maybe they need a new wallet or set of sheets because although the ones they have are ok, they are old and need replacing? 

I hope these tips help you to make easier and speedier decisions the next time you are present buying!

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Kate AbdouComment