Why Mike Campbell's book was the first product I bought for Man Mail


When deciding what to include in the curated boxes of Man Mail, I had a really good think about some of the best mens products that had crossed my Designer Man Cave path. I also thought about if these products would make a good gift for a gent. The product that ticked both these boxes is Mike Campbell's Unleash Your Alpha Book.  

Before I recommend anything to others, I like to be 100% sure it's worth recommending, which is why I read and reviewed Unleash Your Alpha last year. 


Here are the top 4 reasons why Mike Campbell became one of my first suppliers for Man Mail:


1. This book can inspire any man, no matter what he does  

Hell, I was motivated after reading it, and I'm a woman! The book is full of uncomplicated messages, motivations and action plans that are specifically tailored for mens bodies and lifestyles. I guarantee there are many gems of wisdom that will resonate with any man who reads it. 


2. I'm all for wellbeing 

I'm not only passionate about design, interiors and business. I love learning about and practising good health, nutrition, fitness and wellbeing. I think it is such an important part of life and considering we only get one body, we should take good care of it. So if I can play a part in getting this motivational book into the hands of gents around Australia, then I feel like I'm helping in some small way! 


3. It's an easy read 

The book isn't health and fitness mumbo jumbo and you don't need a health degree to understand it. I can vouch for the fact that when you read the book, it's like Mike is having a conversation with you. 


4. Mike is a genuinely nice guy and I want to see him succeed

Us small business owners often form a kinship, especially when we work within the same type of industry or have similar clients. Having a supportive network of colleagues is so important when you run your own race. Mike is a great guy who practices what he preaches and knows his stuff to help men be the best man they can be (inside and out) and I can't help but support that. 




Do you know a man who could benefit from reading Unleash Your Alpha? The book can be found in these Man Mail boxes (ps they are signed copies!):

ALPHA ON THE GO (Lifestyle Collection)

IN TRANSIT (Travel Collection)

BUSINESS MAN (Work Collection)