Man Mail isn't just an online store. It's SO much more than that...  



With life getting busier and hundreds of decisions to make every day, we are on a mission to maximise your time and decrease your stress levels when it comes to buying for a man you know. What gift do you give the man who has everything? Or the gent who is tough to buy for? Or the guy who is hard to impress? We curate premium gift boxes that are just as unique as the man you have in mind. 



How many BBQ sets, socks, cufflinks or bottles of scotch can you possibly buy a man!? We know for a fact there are some incredible products on the market that men would like, so it's time to bring it to the online market place as an alternative to the 'typical guy gifts'. 



We all know a lot of men, whether we are in a relationship, related to them, mates with them, work with them, work for them…so we aim to cover all bases, so no matter who they are or what the occasion is, we can help you. 



Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, farewells, thank you, congrats, house warming, Fathers Day, Christmas - or no special occasions at all. We are big advocates of the 'just because' present and putting a smile on someones face through generosity. 



Man Mail isn't about us, it is about YOU. Technology has taken over our lives and giving gifts and handwritten notes seem to have gone out of fashion. Until now! We love connecting people - encouraging and inspiring people to take a moment and show someone that you're happy they are in your life. Never assume someone knows. Life's too short for that! 



There is often just as much joy and happiness in giving a gift as there is in receiving it. We know…we give for a living. Creating magical moments is awesome - it's authentic, honest and rewarding. Try it :)  



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PS. I would love to share in your gift giving/receiving moments. Just use the hashtag #MYMANMAIL when your beautiful Man Mail box arrives so I can check it out on social media.  


- Founder of Man Mail -


Welcome to Man Mail and many thankyous for taking time out of your busy day to visit! 

I'm a hunter-gatherer and interior designer and decorator.  I am also the founder of Designer Man Cave (which I affectionately refer to as the 'brother company' of Man Mail). Designer Man Cave provides furniture and lighting interior services for the home (primarily bachelor pads) and office to help busy men improve their man space. 

Since working in the men’s sphere with DMC, I’ve had access to many amazing products for men. It is no secret that men can be difficult to buy for, especially gents who appreciate style and quality. I knew there was a wide range of products on the market these men might not have necessarily heard about but would appreciate being given.

So I figured, why not curate the ultimate gift boxes for the man with an eye for style?

 I created this business because I love giving – it is such a soulful and fulfilling thing to do. There are a few other reasons I kicked off Man Mail, which you can read about in my journal article "6 reasons I started this business".  

- Kate x